Gilbert Hage is a photographer. He lives, teaches and works in Lebanon. His photographic projects include: The Place That Remains (2018), What If Celine Jiged On The Right Flute? (2017),  I Hated You Already Because of the Lies I Had Told You (2011), Why Do We Feel Like Kafka? (2011), Eleven Views of Mount Ararat (2009), Strings (aka With Strings Attached (2008), Pillows (2007) Screening Berlin (2006), 242 cm2 (2006), Homeland 1 (aka Toufican Ruins?, 2006), Phone [Ethics] (2006), Here and Now (2005), Beirut (2004), Anonymous (2002), and Roses (1999). His works have been exhibited at Photo Museum (2012), Anvers, Belgium, Espace Naila Kettaneh Kunigk, Beirut (2012), Museum of Photography Thessaloniki (2011), Royal College of Art, London (2011), Les Rencontres d’Arles, France (2011), Sharjah Biennial (2011), White Box, Munich (2010), the French Cultural Center, Beirut (2010), Espace Naila Kettaneh Kunigk, Beirut (2009), Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, Hungary (2007), Modern Art Oxford (2006), House of World Cultures, Berlin (2005), Galerie Tanit, Munich (2004), Galerie Alice Mogabgab, Beirut (2004, 2002, 1999), and Videobrasil, São Paulo (2003). He is the co-publisher and co-editer, with Jalal Toufic, of Underexposed Books.